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About Me

Welcome to my photography website.


I started photography in 2004 as a hobby. I like to take pictures of people, landscape, bird and wildlife...practically almost anything. My goal is to show the beauty, grace, strength, expression and enthusiasm of my subject. It is not a surprise that I am also a wedding and event photographer. I like to capture every candid moment in time. I feel really lucky because my hobby is my profession. 

Picking up a camera gives me an opportunity to capture a specific vision to share with others. Ultimately, a well-captured image represents a moment in time that is expressed infinitely, and that’s enough of a reason for me to hang a camera around my shoulders wherever I go.


I shoot in RAW mostly. All of my post-processing are done in Capture One Pro & Adobe Lightroom. Life is really busy, whenever there is a chance to relax, besides photography, I do mountain biking and nature walking during my free time.


Contact Me

Tel: 65-96693007


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